Is the Earth a Former Solar Sunspot?

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Scientific Paper
Title Is the Earth a Former Solar Sunspot?
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Author(s) Thierry De Mees
Keywords Maxwell Analogy, gravitation, gravitomagnetism, gyrotation, sunspot, sun, Earth, solar protuberance, planets, gas planets
Published 2008
Journal General Science Journal
No. of pages 5

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In two former papers, "Are Venus' and Uranus' Tilt of Natural Origin?"and "The Titius-Bode Law Shows a Modified Proto- Gas-Planets' Sequence", I show that the solar protuberance-model is a quite interesting hypothesis for the explanation of the planets' origin. This model comes to the following conclusions up to now. In "Are Venus' and Uranus' Tilt of Natural Origin?", I started with the hypothesis that 0,15 % of the sun erupted. I found that this eruption formed the planets. To prove this, I used the observed sun's temperature as the eruption temperature, and the data then comply with the rotation velocity of Jupiter and with the orbit velocity of Mercury. I needed the Maxwell Analogy for Gravitation to come to prograde orbits for all planets. When, in "The Titius-Bode Law Shows a Modified Proto- Gas-Planets' Sequence", I tried to find the dynamics of the solar protuberance-model, I came to the unexpected conclusion that proto-Neptune originated close to Jupiter at first and was repelled to its actual orbit. The chemical composition of the planets shows that Neptune indeed is not at its 'natural' place. In this paper, I analyse the electrical dynamics of the protuberance and I come to the conclusion that the gasplanets and the core-planets were created simultaneously. With the solar protuberance-model, I can calculate the correct total mass of the core-planets out of the conservation of momentum against the gas-planets. While the gas-planets have been created by a certain number of protons out of an electromagnetic solar protuberance, exactly the same number of electrons have created the core planets. In fact, the impulse of the gas-protuberance was the protons-side and it perfectly corresponds to the impulse of the core-planets at the electrons-side.