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John P. Wsol
John P. Wsol
Born (1955-10-25)October 25, 1955
Residence San Clemente, CA, United States
Nationality USA
Known for Cosmology, Unified Theory, Multi-dimensional Thinking, Gravity, Relativity, Quantum Theory, Epistemology, Cognitive Science, Mathematica
Scientific career
Fields Software Engineer, Database expert, Cosmologist

1966: Age 11, John read most of the books on astronomy at the school and city
libraries.  For his 6th grade science project he made a cardboard-box
planetarium accompanied by a 36-page book he typed on a manual
typewriter.  His parents get him his 1st telescope.

1967: Age 12, John buys his first slide rule and learns how to use every
function -- entirely on his own.  His 7th grade math project is
all about logarithms.

1968: Age 13, John became interested in computers and read most of the books on computers, electronics and math at his school's library.  He invented a new subtract algorithm, designed the circuitry to accomplish it and built his binary digital computer from old pinball machine parts!  This project [file:///Z:/Users/JohnWsol/WebSites/MystUniv/PinballComputer_PDP-8e.htm won 1st place in school, county, and California State Science Fairs]

 1969: Age 14, John was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation
that funded computer time on UCI's Sigma-7.  He designed a computer
programming language that could extend its base vocabulary as well as its
data-types -- this was even before the Swiss professor Nicolas Wirth came out
with the Pascal language.


1970: Age 15, John aced all his chemistry exams and, on his own initiative,
developed a computer program that could balance chemical equations ? which won
him the ?Chemistry Student-of-the-Year?.

1972: Age 17, Hired by Physics Computer Development Project, UCI: totally
rewrote a program that taught complex number theory and added a feature to
Quantum that remembered each individual student's progress through this
Computer Aided Instruction program that taught Quantum Physics.

         --- John's
parents got divorced. John's academic track gets de-railed.  ---

1973: Age 18, Santa Fe Engineering: worked for R&D department? developed
2D & 3D computer graphics software: visualized geo-physical data, offshore oil
platforms, etc. His work was showcased at the Offshore Technology Conference.

1976-80s: Avid Bible student -- especially studies by the super-genius,
Dr. Chuck Missler's.

1986: Started writing book entitled "[file:///Z:/Users/JohnWsol/WebSites/MystUniv/UU/Preface.htm Understanding Understanding]" an epistemology
basis for Cognitive Science theories that would someday enable a computer to
actually think and program itself.

1988: Applying these theories he created HyperSort -- the
world's fastest sort algorithm.

1999: Director of Information Technology for Tulon.

2002: While studying the Hebrew text of the Bible John
discovered the Cosmic Onion Model.

2004: Started writing book ?The Mysteries of the Universe? which
conceptually reconciles Quantum Mechanics with Relativity Theories, explains
how and why gravity works, resolves the Pioneer 10 & 11 anomaly, explains
Dark Matter, explains away Dark Energy, and demystifies Dark Flow (2008).

2005: Developed software simulated neural-net hosted by a
database system that spanned both a Right-& Left-Brain RAID stacks.

Dec 2005:
Completed the first 5 chapters of ?The Mysteries of the Universe"

2013: Wrote paper "Our Cosmos = 4D Spherical Standing Wave" for NPA Conference Proceedings describing the nature of Space~Time and Matter~Energy as well as the cause of mass and gravity.

2015: Wrote paper "Is Physics = 4D Space~Time Geometry + Mathematic" for Fundamntal Questions Institute essay contest.  Its breakthrough in 3 areas: (1) Identified a flaw in the FLRW-metric, (2) Describes Quantum Gravity step-by-step, (3) Redefine our concept of time and explains the 3rd Relativity Theory. (4) Explains away Dark Matter and Dark Energy while explaining Dark Flow.