Light, Gravity and Einstein's Twin Paradox

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Scientific Paper
Title Light, Gravity and Einstein\'s Twin Paradox
Author(s) Paul E Rowe
Keywords Light, Gravity, Twin Paradox
Published 2000
Journal None


Maxwell's equations accurately predict the speed of light in various media and the reflectance and refraction of light at media interfaces. In order to make these equations work, Maxwell gave space a definite permittivity and a definite magnetic permeability. A void cannot have such properties. A matrix of unpaired electrons and positive particles would have such properties. As predicted by Einstein, light passing near the sun or other large mass is bent towards the mass. According to Maxwell's equations, this indicates that space in the neighborhood of large masses has a higher permittivity (dielectric constant) than space far from such masses. This paper assumes that vacuum is a matrix of positive and negative charges. It discusses ramifications of this assumption, suggests a connection between light and gravity and gives a rational. solution to Einstein'S twin paradox.