Loom of the Future

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Loom of the Future
Loom of the Future 1606.jpg
Author Trevor James Constable
Publisher Borderland Sciences
Pages 144

Discover the history and background of Trevor James Constable?s pioneering work in Etheric Weather Engineering and Smog Reduction. Using technologies and energies noticeably absent from modern scientific textbooks, Trevor has leapt the philosophical hurdles and developed a technical access to the etheric forces underpinning the weather organism. Never before has such dramatic work been so well documented and presented. No etheric technology has ever before been proven to this degree. Uncover the developments and disappointments of a quarter century at the forefront of etheric technology. The documentation in this astounding book includes: Dozens of historic photographs describing the evolution of Trevor?s weather engineering instruments; Official weather radar maps and photos describing the dramatic effects of biogeometric instruments; TJC?s incisive and thought provoking insights into the current world situation, and; A clear delineation of the etheric formative forces. This book will fill you with awe at the tremendous potential of a humanity capable of comprehending the purpose and function of the Etheric Life Energy. Illustrated.

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