Mass Changes and Potential-Energy Changes Unified

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Scientific Paper
Title Mass Changes and Potential-Energy Changes Unified
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Author(s) James Keele
Keywords Coulomb's Law, Bohr Atom, SRT, Potential Energy
Published 2004
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 15
Number 4
No. of pages 4
Pages 62

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In conventional SRT, mass is said to increase with speed according to the factor g in the equation m = g x mo. Also, the energy of mass m is expressed by E = mc2. It is customary to identify E in this latter equation as the combination of rest energy and kinetic energy. This paper examines the implication of assuming E also includes the particle's potential energy, and the additional implication of 'potential mass' in all m = E/c2. The Bohr Atom Theory is used for a test.