Minimum Contradictions Everything & Ether and Forces? Unification

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Scientific Paper
Title Minimum Contradictions Everything & Ether and Forces? Unification
Author(s) Athanassios A Nassikas
Keywords axioms in physics
Published 2006
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 3
Number 2
Pages 200-205


The various theories of physics are based on axioms which by definition are arbitrary. Perhaps axioms? arbitrariness is the reason of theories? contradictions which have been until now revealed. Basic purpose of previous papers was to show that there is a privileged set of axioms in physics and this is the set of axioms on which our basic communication system is based. It can be proved that this system is contradictory. When, despite this contradiction we communicate in a way that we consider logical, this means that we try to understand things through minimum possible contradictions since contradictions are never vanished. The claim for minimum contradictions which in an application area is compatible with Okham?s razor, despite being completely general, can lead by itself to the statement of a minimum contradictions physics unified theory. Under certain simplifications both the relativity theory and the QM can derive; spacetime is stochastic and its geometry is described by the aid of a wave function. The electromagnetic (em) spacetime is a spacetime whose all magnitudes are considered imaginary and behave exactly like the gravitational (g) one; the (em) spacetime coexists with the (g) one, the two of them being interconnected. On this basis, a spacetime QM can be made. According to this paper Quantum Space Time & Ether is the substance within which the things exist and from which the things are made. On this basis minimum contradictions ether geometry and forces can be found; they describe quantum gravity in general and include a unified gravitational acceleration formula. This formula can apply to: 1) the strong nuclear force (quantum gravity); 2) gravity [by the aid of this general formula, under certain simplifications, applied to (g) and (em) space, Newton and Coulomb (attraction-repulsion) laws derive]; 3) the electromagnetic force (because of the Coulomb law); 4) the electro-weak force ( for reasons following). According to the spirit of this work any infinitesimal area of reality is described, by the aid of a Hypothetical Measuring Field (HMF), by local equivalent particle equations; i.e. Schrodinger?s relativistic equations for (g) and (em) space - in absence of potential - and energy and momentum conservation equations of the local equivalent (g) and (em) particle fields regarded as a whole; on this basis electric forces, in presence of radiation, can be described by the general formula mentioned and this is compatible with the electro-weak force. In this way basic requirements for a theory of everything (TOE) to be stated can be regarded as fulfilled. Author?s Relevant Papers-References: "More on Minimum Contradictions in Physics". Galilean Electrodynamics - GED-East, Special Issues 2, 15. From the Editor. (2001); "The Claim for Minimum Contradictions and its Consequences in Thinking and Physics", presented at the Vienna Circle International Symposium, 2001; "Minimum Contradictions Physics as a New Paradigm", presented at the NPA Conference, 2003. Journal of New Energy; "The Hypothesis of the Quantum Space Time - Aether", a) Congress-98 Fundamental Problems of Natural Sciences, Russian Academy of Science. St. Petersburg, Russia (1998) b) Galilean Electrodynamics & GED East, Special Issues 2, 11, 34-40 (2000); "Basic Statements Required for a Minimum Contradictions Everything", presented at the NPA Conference, 2004.