Model to Explain a Mechanism for Electromagnetic Interactions

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Scientific Paper
Title Model to Explain a Mechanism for Electromagnetic Interactions
Author(s) Milia A Margulis
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Published 2008
Journal Philica


A physical model to explain the electromagnetic interactions is proposed. The model operates with the ether flows in any media. It was proposed also a model of electron as a Mobius band. The proposed model of electron does not contradict to base experimental and theoretical results. Using these ideas, it was considered obvious mechanisms of the interaction of electrons with different magnets, leading to appearance of Lorentz forces, Amper forces, effects of Faraday and Erstedt and so on. The model of elementary negative and positive charges was proposed. These models permit to interpret the existing experiments and also to predict some results that can be obtain in future. Directions for use of these ideas in organic and physical chemistry are discussed, investigation of the mechanism of ultrahigh frequency radiation on chemical reactions and study of chemical polarisation of nucleas and electrons in the same number.