Mr. Higgs Doesn't Reside There

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Scientific Paper
Title Mr. Higgs Doesn\'t Reside There
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Author(s) Milos Abadzic
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Published 2009
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 7
No. of pages 2
Pages 1-2

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In addition to all the significant success achieved in the last one hundred years or more, there is the impression of a large number of physicists that physics as a science, has arrived at a certain saturation, or that it has come to some kind of blind alley. Instead of progress in science reducing the number of unsolved issues, we are faced within increase in this number. Trying to overcome the difficulties, we introduce a variety of paradoxes, dualism or magnitudes without any natural basis. All this was not enough even for an illusory solution some newly found problems. Currently we expect from research in LHC (and as we hope ourselves), to find the Higgs particle, to which already are attributed a number of desired characteristics, which would enable us to resolve some of these issues. Wishes are nice but the question is whether or not they are realistic. I doubt the reality and think with part of our research we are pushing on the wrong side. No doubt we'll get some data for new particles from this research, but this will only be an increased of particles' debris created by decomposition. We may attribute to some of them, the desired properties and get magnitudes like the photon with currently unknown properties. I think that research requires some new approaches, not only for an increase in the energy resolution of our testing and measuring devices. This does not mean to belittle their importance but the question is whether the train leads to the desired goal - in this case, a deeper knowledge of Nature.