My Conversations With Einstein

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Scientific Paper
Title My Conversations With Einstein
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Author(s) Paul E Rowe
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Published 2008
Journal None
No. of pages 11

Read the full paper here


In 2004, I wrote a play, ?The Fall and Rise of the House of Cards?. It included conversations I had (in dreams) with various deceased scientists. The play was so long and so dull that no one could read more than six pages and stay awake. The play suggests the knowable universe is permeated with a concentrated matrix of protons and unpaired electrons, possibly Bose-Einstein condensed hydrogen. Could this be ?Dark Matter? and/or the ether of classical physics? This paper includes the beginning of Act II and my conversations with Albert Einstein. I hope someone will be able to read this part of the play. If anyone has trouble sleeping, I will send him or her the entire play.