Naturalistic Model of Nature

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Scientific Paper
Title Naturalistic Model of Nature
Author(s) Milos Abadzic
Keywords MNM Model
Published 2007
Journal General Science Journal


This book represents theories derived from research into appearances and processes within Nature. The theories originate from basic insight and studies, which often display an incongruity with respect to the theories of various scientific factions. The insights: # Nature is unique for all its complexity and include matter, both living and inert.

  1. Our investigations into Nature are almost exclusively limited to inert matter, although biology is considered in connection with the phenomena of life forms. Such limitations provide the incentive that will in the forseeable future, manifest itself in a quintessential gnosis with respect to all aspects of natural phenomena and processes.
  2. Our knowledge has led to important discoveries, but they are still insufficient to explain all of the workings of Nature. Moreover there are:
  • A certain number of untenable physical notions.
  • An inconsistent application of accepted laws and hypotheses
  • Many disputed theories presented by various scientific groups
  1. A feeling that the field of investigation can be enlarged to include all manifestations of Nature, both in and around us.