New Approach for Building of Unified Theory About the Universe and Some Results

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Scientific Paper
Title New Approach for Building of Unified Theory About the Universe and Some Results
Author(s) Stoyan Sarg
Keywords unification, mass, energy, space, time, gravitation, inertia
Published 2002
Journal ArXiv
No. of pages 10


The physical models of a successful unified theory about the Universe must operate in different phase of matter evolution and different fields of physics. The attempts to build such wide range theory as a bunch of theories developed for different fields of physics are not quite successful. The accumulated knowledge from experiments and observations leads to a conclusion that some of the adopted postulates in the modern physics are not absolutely fundamental, as considered so far. A new approach for building of unified model of the Universe suggests resurrection of the principles of causality and logical understanding for any kind of physical phenomena. It is successfully applied in a new theory titled Basic Structures of Matter, which provides fundamentals for a unified theory about the Universe. The new approach leads to different physical models for the elementary particles and the atoms and also to a different concept about the Universe. In the same time the suggested models exhibit the same interaction energies as obtained by the Quantum mechanics and experiments. The analysis of the physical phenomena from a new point of view allows deeper understanding of the relations between the basic physical attributes: mass, energy, space, time, gravitation and inertia.