Noninvariant One-Way Velocity of Light

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Scientific Paper
Title Noninvariant One-Way Velocity of Light
Author(s) Franco Selleri
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Published 1996
Journal Foundations of Physics
Volume 26
Number 5
Pages 641-664


After discussing in the first five sections the meaning and the difficulties of the priciple of relativity we present a new set of spacetime transformations between inertial systems ("inertial" transformations), based on three assumptions:

  1. The two-way velocity of light is c in all inertial systems and in all directions
  2. Time dilation effects take place with the usual relativistic factor
  3. Clocks are synchronized in the way chosen by nature itself, e.g., in the Sagnac effect
We show that our new transformation laws can explain the available experimental evidence in spite of the implied noninvariance of the one-way velocity of light.