Oakley Shields

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Oakley Shields
Residence Mariposa, CA, United States
Known for Expanding Earth

I was first led to consider the expanding Earth hypothesis in accounting for the many trans-Pacific biotic links, past and present. Also, palaeontologic links between Malaysia and Australia suggest the Tethys seaway is largely a fiction, and thus led again to Earth expansion. With changes in G in an expanding universe after a "big bang" event, all planets and moons would be expanding through time, as stars do in the early phases of their evolution by way of interior phase changes, re. Egyed. At least the Moon and Mercury show possible signs of this in their maria ("seas") and highlands ("continents"). Plate tectonics is stultifying in its hardened neglect and ridicule of Earth expansion theory. In 1975, I had the opportunity to work under Professor Carey in proofing, editing, and doing some research for his book, The Expanding Earth. This experience allowed me to more fully reason out my own beliefs from school training and outside reading in entomology and biogeography in embracing Earth expansion on logical grounds.