Open Questions in Relativistic Physics

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Open Questions in Relativistic Physics
Open Questions in Relativistic Physics 256.jpg
Author Franco Selleri
Published 1998
Publisher C. Roy Keys Inc. (Apeiron)
Pages 375
ISBN 0968368913

Proceedings of an international conference on Special Relativity and Some of its Applications, held in Athens, Greece, June 25-28, 1997. The papers gathered in these proceedings discuss the historical background and conceptual as well as empirical difficulties with conventional relativity theory, while some new approaches to understanding electromagnetism and gravitation are presented. This volume includes 38 papers by authors from 17 different countries.

Velocity of Light

  • [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=108 Patrick J. Fleming]: An Explanation of the Sagnac Effect Based on the Special Theory of Relativity, the de Broglie/Bohm Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, and a Non-Zero Rest Mass for the Proton 3
  • [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1248 Fran?ois Goy]: On Synchronization of Clocks in Free Fall around a Central Body 7
  • [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=640 Dr. Andrzej Horzela]: Remarks on Clock Synchronization 19
  • [/php/DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=132 Dr. Alphonsus G. Kelly]: Synchronization of Clock-Stations and the Sagnac Effect 25
  • [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=302 Dr. Joseph L?vy]: Is Simultaneity Relative or Absolute? 39
  • [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=572 Adolphe Martin]: Reception of Light Signals in Galilean Space-Time 47
  • [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=636 Prof. Ramalho Croca]: Experiments on the Velocity c 57
  • [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1257 Ramon Risco-Delgado]: Inertial Transformations from the Homogeneity of Absolute space 65
  • [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=295 Dr. Franco Selleri]: On a Physical and Mathematical Discontinuity in Relativity Theory 69
  • [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=17 Dr. Tom Van Flandern]: What the Global Positioning System Tells Us about Relativity 81

History and Philosophy

* [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=469 Prof. Michele Barone]: Some Almost Unknown Aspects of Special Relativity Theory 93

  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Display&id=1219 Jenner Barretto Bastos-Filho]: Correspondence and Commensurability in Modern Physics (a Study of the Compton Effect) 103
  • [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1271 Eftichios Bitsakis]: Space and Time: Who Was Right, Einstein or Kant? 115
  • [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1272 A. Jannussis]: Einstein and the Development of Physics 127
  • [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=389 Ludwig Kostro]: The Physical and Philosophical Reasons for A. Einstein?s Denial of the Ether in 1905 and its Reintroduction in 1916 131
  • [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1276 Nikos A. Tambakis]: On the Question of Physical Geometry 141
  • [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=571 Dr. Gino Tarozzi]: Nonlocality, Relativity, and Two Further Quantum Paradoxes 149
  • [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1287 Alexei A. Tyapkin]: On the History of the Special Relativity Concept 161

Structures in Space and Time

* [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=52 Prof. Andre K. T. Assis] & [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1288 J. I. Cisneros]: The Problem of Surface Charges and Fields in Coaxial Cables and its Importance for Relativistic Physics 177

  • [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1289 A. M. Awobode]: A New Appraisal of the Relativistic Quantum Theories of the Electron 187
  • [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1291 V. S. Barashenkov], [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=639 Prof. Edward Kapuscik] & [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1292 M. V. Liablin]: Nature of Relativistic Effects and Delayed Clock Synchronization 195
  • [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1293 Mirjana Bozic]: On a Relativistic Magnetic Top 201
  • [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=740 Henrik Broberg]: The Interface between Matter and Time: a Key to Gravitation 209
  • [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1277 Prof. Werner A. Hofer]: Internal Structures of Electrons and Photons and Some Consequences in Relativistic Physics 225
  • [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=639 Prof. Edward Kapuscik] & [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1295 Henryk Niewodniczanski]: Generally Covariant Electrodynamics in Arbitrary Media 241
  • [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1296 Marek Pawlowski]: On Weyl?s Extension of the Relativity Principle as a Tool to Unify Fundamental Interactions 247
  • [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=55 Dr. Paul Wesley]: Evidence for Newtonian Absolute Space and Time 257

Cosmology and Astrophysics

* [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=63 Dr. Halton C. Arp]: Evolution of Quasars into Galaxies and its Implications for the Birth and Evolution of Matter 267

  • [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1299 J. Brandes]: A Lorentzian Approach to General Relativity: Einstein?s Closed Universe Reinterpreted 275
  • [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=308 Prof. Zbigniew Oziewicz] & [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1301 Bogdan Lange]: The Simplest Inflationary Scenario in Relativistic Quantum Cosmology 283
  • [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=541 Dr. David F. Roscoe]: An Analysis of 900 Rotation Curves of Southern Sky Spiral Galaxies: Are the Dynamics Constrained to Discrete States? 291

Quantum Theory and Relativity

* [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1302 A. P. Bredimas]: Schr?dinger?s "Aether" Unifies Quantum Mechanics and Relativistic Theories 305

  • [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1303 Augusto Garuccio]: Entangled States and the Compatibility Between Quantum Mechanics and Relativity 311
  • [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1307 Luis Gonzalez-Mestres]: Lorentz Symmetry Violation, Vacuum and Superluminal Particles 321
  • [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1272 A. Jannussis] & [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1308 S. Baskoutas]: On Superluminal Velocities 339
  • [index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1309 Jose L. Sanchez-Gomez]: Are Quantum Mechanics and Relativity Theory really Compatible? 347
  • [DatabaseMenu.php?tab=1&memberid=358 Caroline H. Thompson]: Behind the Scenes at the EPR Magic Show 353
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Display&id=1310 M. A. B. Whitaker]: Relativistic Physics and Quantum Measurement theory 363

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