Overview of the Electrodynamic Approach to God's Creation and Daily sustaining of the Universe

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Scientific Paper
Title Overview of the Electrodynamic Approach to God\'s Creation and Daily sustaining of the Universe
Author(s) Charles William Lucas
Keywords Electrodynamics, Creation, Universe
Published 1992
Journal None
Pages 142-146


Christians believe that there are two sources of information available for understanding the universe, i.e. revelations from God included in the sacred scriptures and the scientific method employing logic fully for the purpose of affirming or denying hypotheses. A careful study of the scriptures describing the original creation, the second or new creation, visitations and manifestations of God on earth, and visions of God in heaven on his throne seem to indicate that God uses electrodynamic means, i.e. fire, lightning, thunder, light, heat, etc. to exert his power and to accomplish his will. From the scientific point of view as shown in the "New Physics" being developed by Tom Barnes, Dave Bergman, and Charles Lucas the universe is purely electromagnetic in nature. Thus both the scripture and science affirm that it is probable that God created the universe, daily sustains the universe, and performs miracles using only electromagnetic means.