Paleogeographic Reconstructions of Compatible with Earth Dilatation

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Scientific Paper
Title Paleogeographic Reconstructions of Compatible with Earth Dilatation
Author(s) Giancarlo Scalera
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Published 1998
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Annali di Geofisica, V41, N5-6, pp. 819-825 (Nov/Dec 1998). The preset research concerns the study of the possiblity of an increase in the size of the Earth because of a still unknown process. After a previous recognition of the existence in the Pacifi of chape conformities in a number of pairs of continental and oceanic boundaries (Scalera, 1991, 1993a), a search for compatibility of these results with in dependent data sets, paelomagnetic and geological and paleontolgocial was undertaken. The conclusion is that the Earth's dilatation is compatible with the used data, while nothing can be affirmed with certainty about the dilatation process of it continunity or discontinuity through geological time. A tentative model of the evolution of the trench-ar-backar systems has been provided, tuning it in agreement with a dilatational planet.