Photon: Reality or Fiction

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Scientific Paper
Title Photon: Reality or Fiction
Author(s) Milos Abadzic
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Published 2009
Journal General Science Journal


It is indicative that we now, after more than a hundred years, ask the question what is the nature of light, or the photons. At the same time, many principles of modern physics based on this concept and its characteristics. Is it meant that with this kind of symposium's title implicitly advocating change the nature of electromagnetic waves (EMW) and photons as accepted their carrier? In this matter we must be aware that changes their characteristics mean a review and certainly correction of many laws and postures that ruled within the physics. In my opinion, it is extremely time to do it but I doubt that the majority of scientific community is ready for such a step. This my attitude about the need for changes based on the NMN model of nature, that I have developed (Natural Model of Nature), and which in the other light present nature of EMW. In this matter, I could not avoid two issues that are closely related to this nature: the speed and quantum of light.