Pitfalls from Spiky Waveforms

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Scientific Paper
Title Pitfalls from Spiky Waveforms
Author(s) George D Hathaway
Keywords debunking, error analysis, false indications, instrumentation, overunity, power calculations
Published 2003
Journal Electric Spacecraft Journal
Number 36
Pages 25-27


Claims of overunity can often be attributed to lack of familiarity with how oscilloscopes collect and display data. Slow sampling rates can alias actual trends and smooth spikes. Simultaneous displays of current and voltage readings often do not align corresponding data points vertically. For best results in calculating power, the current and voltage should be multiplied point-by-point and then integrated. The automatic power calculation features on some oscilloscopes erroneously integrate and then multiply. In addition, currents induced in lines from the environment are often underestimated. A checklist of common pitfalls is provided.