Possibility of Cosmos Evolution

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Scientific Paper
Title Possibility of Cosmos Evolution
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Author(s) Milos Abadzic
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Published 2009
Journal None
No. of pages 3

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In the work "One Step Back, Two Steps Forward", one of the questions was whether the nature of single-use, with suggestions that it is not. This question is one of the fundamental with far reaching consequences on our under-standing of Nature. Suggested designation requires serious changes in the approach to observation of nature in general, and especially in defining the initial attitudes already in setting the basic conception its coherent model. Here are indicated the three basic conditions that such a model would have to accept. They were not difficult to set up, but there are two big obstacles for them: * First, to find a natural model of their fulfillment.

  • Second that such a model would be accepted, because it has significantly deviated from till now based attitudes of the Nature.

NMN model (Razmi?ljanja o prirodi Prirode-1: Pojave i procesi) provides one such solution, which provides for the possibility of evolution of nature during its life, without interrupting this evolution at the universe's level, but predicts the cyclical changes of its limited space. This article should be viewed keeping in mind "One Step Back, Two Steps Forward" and "Quantization and Some Problems With It" presented at this conference.