Possible Relation Between Earth Expansion and Dark Matter

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Scientific Paper
Title Possible Relation Between Earth Expansion and Dark Matter
Author(s) Jan Koziar, Stanislaw Ciechanowicz
Keywords earth expansion, dark matter, oceanic lithosphere, seismic tomography, plates
Published 1994
Journal None
Pages 321-326


The theory of earth expansion has been developed since long from several basic observations. These are, first of all, mutual moving apart of all the continents, lengthwise extension of the ocean ridges, radial growth of the oceanic lithosphere around Africa and Antarctica, extension and splitting of continental margins, increase of the Pacific Ocean (similar to other oceans), and deep rooting of the plates, and ocean ridges which has recently been proved by seismic tomography.

The main objection which has been raised against earth expansion are unknown causes of this process. The objection is incorrect because we do not need to know a physical cause of a phenomenon to be able to prove it as as fact. Nevertheless, the recently developed theory of dark matter can give a casual explanation for earth expansion. What is more, this process appears as a being sought by physicists a tangible effect of the existence of dark matter.