Proceedings of the First International Conchology Conference

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Proceedings of the First International Conchology Conference
Author Christopher R Illert
Published 1995
Publisher Hadronic Press
Pages 220
ISBN 1574850008

Conference held in Australia, January 1995. The conference provided the state of the art in the mathematical formulation and computer visualization of sea shell shapes and their evolutions. This collection of original and edited articles include advances in: modeling and visualization; use of Frenet coordinates in shell modeling; surface features of etheromorphic ammonites; Santilli integral isonumbers and genonumbers and their isoduals; holographic reconstruction of fossil cephalopods; protein modeling via isomechanics; imaging shells via the scanning electron microscope: outline of hyperstructures for biological modeling; and other topics. This book is important for all conchology, biology and applied mathematics libraries.

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