Properties of the Ether and its Relationship to Natural Laws

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Scientific Paper
Title Properties of the Ether and its Relationship to Natural Laws
Author(s) Milo M Wolff
Keywords Ether
Published 1997
Journal None


In the last millennium, our knowledge of physics progressed to understanding that objects obey fixed laws of nature. We devised sophisticated technology to aid our survival on Earth: industrial machines, computers, spacecraft. But until recently our knowledge ended there. Philosophers have sought the basis of Natural laws in relationships between micro-physics and the vast universe. Before space-technology, there was no knowledge to support such inquiries. Now, investigating the relationships between particles, the natural laws, and the universe we learn that matter and laws are inter-dependent. Behind the scenes in a totally quantum universe, every particle communicates its wave state with all other matter so that energy exchange and the laws of physics are properties of the entire ensemble. The medium of communication is the ether which also depends on the matter ensemble, with new and surprising properties. We see this communication in Mach's Principle which reveals that the matter ensemble is the origin of inertia.

A Self-contained Universe. The extraordinary import of the ether-matter universe is that the laws of physics and the structure of matter ultimately depend upon waves from all other matter in a universe. Everything is interdependent.