Quantum of Matter (According to 'Hypothesis on MATTER')

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Scientific Paper
Title Quantum of Matter (According to \'Hypothesis on MATTER\')
Author(s) Nainan K Varghese
Keywords Matter, entity, substance, quantum of matter, spatial dimensions, Hypothesis on MATTER.
Published 2011
Journal Vixra
No. of pages 21


Matter is the only substance that can provide real existence to a body in nature. Since matter is the constituent of all real objects, it has to exist in a form much smaller than the smallest real physical object in nature. ?Hypothesis on MATTER', an alternative concept that logically explains all physical phenomena, envisages that matter exists in nature in the form of tiny bits, called ?quanta of matter'. A quantum of matter is the only postulated particle in this concept. Diverse matter bodies (including an all-encompassing universal medium) with assorted properties and their interactions are results of various combinations of ?quanta of matter'. This article gives a brief description of ?quantum of matter', as postulated in ?Hypothesis on MATTER'.