Quasi-Steady State Cosmology

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Scientific Paper
Title Quasi-Steady State Cosmology
Author(s) Geoffrey Ronald Burbidge
Keywords Steady State Cosmology
Published 2001
Journal ArXiv


in Proceedings of Frontiers of the Universe Conference, 17-23 June 2001. A brief historical account of modern cosmology shows that the standard big bang (BB) model, believed by so many, does not have the strong observational foundations that are frequently claimed for it. The theory of the Quasi-Steady State Cosmology (QSSC) and explosive cosmogony is outlined. Comparisons are made between the two theories in explaining the observed properties of the universe, namely, the expansion, chemical composition, CMB, QSO redshifts and explosive events, galaxy formation, and the m-z and theta-z relations. Only two of the observed properties have ever been predicted from the theories (a) the expansion predicted from Einstein's theory by Friedmann and Lemaitre, and (b) the acceleration predicted by the classical steady state theory and the QSSC.