Questions Arising When One Laser Beam Crosses Another

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Scientific Paper
Title Questions Arising When One Laser Beam Crosses Another
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Author(s) Carl R Littmann
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Published 2009
Journal None
No. of pages 6

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Many youngsters have likely tried to ?cut' or deflect one laser (pointer) beam with another; and noted that they could not detect any effect whatsoever. But what if that type of experiment was performed with very hi-tech, powerful, and sensitive equipment? Like is done with the high energy ?particle smashers ? except trying to get photon to side-swipe photon, instead of proton to hit proton? We discuss some very important implications depending on whether a ?photon-against-photon' deflection can be obtained. (If any reader already knows of any ?down-to-earth' experiment settling the issue; please provide answer with reference, and spare readers most of my article, below.)