Rapid Earth Expansion : An Eclectic View

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Scientific Paper
Title Rapid Earth Expansion : An Eclectic View
Author(s) Oakley Shields
Keywords expanding earth
Published 1997
Journal None


Paleobiogeography, plate evolution, and minor amounts of subduction require a rapidly expanding earth during post-Triassic time, not plate tectonics. An asteroid impact at the P/Tr boundary in the Congo Basin ruptured the lithosphere and, together with another impact in the Carnian of Arizona, caused Earth's volume to subsequently expand. The increase in volume was likely due to inner core and lower mantle transformation growth at the expense of the fluid outer core. A modified Pacific reconstruction is proposed that closes up the Pacific Basin in the Triassic and allows continents to cover a 55% radius Earth. Some serious weaknesses in the plate tectonics theory are noted, and tectonics by high-energy impacts is discussed.