Raymond H Gallucci

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Raymond H. Gallucci
Raymond H. Gallucci
Born (1953-12-15)December 15, 1953
Residence Frederick, MD, United States
Nationality USA
Known for Cosmology, Natural History, Relativity
Scientific career
Fields Nuclear Engineer

Dr. Raymond H. Gallucci is an American nuclear engineer who contributes papers regularly to the CNPS Proceedings, attending their annual conferences. Gallucci believes black holes, the big bang, and many of the current popular theories in cosmology to be incorrect. His specialty is to investigate dissidents' theories and perform simple mathematics to ascertain if they are at least plausible.  Gallucci acknowledges the late Dr. Paul Marmet's work and that of Stephen Crothers for first spurring my interest in the dissident arena.

Areas of Interest

Gallucci's areas of interest include: Cosmology, Natural History, Relativity, Gravity, Galactic Phenomena, Aether, Variable Light Speed, Plasma Universe, Early Earth.