Releaions Among Expanding earth, TPW, and Polar Motion

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Scientific Paper
Title Releaions Among Expanding earth, TPW, and Polar Motion
Author(s) Giancarlo Scalera
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Published 2001
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The possibility of a link between asymmetrical Earth?s expansion and Polar Motions is investigated, searching for possible mechanisms of inner and/or surface material displacement, which can lead to the observed Chandler Wobble (CW; eulerian free oscillation) and its secular drift. While a main result of this work is the individuation of the possible cause of PM in the diffuse emplacement of new mass in and under the triple point zones, the problem of the continuous excitation of the CW is still not resolved, and only a qualitative argument is proposed. The result is found that the PM?s actual parameters can be prolonged in the geological past, reproducing with satisfactory approximation the more reliable True Polar Wander path up to 100 Ma, and its slowing down and inversion of walk around 50 Ma.