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Richard W. Guy
Richard W. Guy
Residence Bronx, NY, United States
Nationality English / USA
Known for Expanding Earth; Receding Seas and Ancient Civilizations
Scientific career
Fields Civil Engineer

Richard Guy is one of the original, foundation members of the Expanding Earth Exchange which was founded in California in 1979 by Dr. S. Warren Carey, Mr. H. Hugh Wilson and Mr. Ralph Groves. Members of the EEE come from all sorts of backgrounds in science and engineering. All arrived at the realization of Earth Expansion through their particular discipline. Richard Guy is a Structural Engineer with forty years of Engineering experience in the United States, Middle East, England and the West Indies. He has run a consultancy practice as Chief Engineer and CEO of Amalgamated Design Group Ltd for the last thirty years. During his long career he has observed subtle patterns of Earth Expansion in the design of many structures particularly bridges and dams. Many dam and bridge failures can be attributed to earth expansion but nothing is known and, much less, understood about this phenomenon. In his book "IS PLANET EARTH EXPANDING" published in 1990 he sets out briefly the hypothesis of Earth Expansion and manifestations of the phenomenon.

Earth Expansion

My theory of the expanding Earth is based not on geological observations but rather on mathematics. I go along partially with the tectonic theory except that it does not answer all the questions.

My theory is that sea floor spreading adds dimension to the surface area of the Earth. The mid-Atlantic rift is constantly oozing lava as well as the Red Sea and the floor of the California gulf. The cracks in the ocean floor as well as on land are the expansion joints. E.g., the river valleys all over the surface of the Earth. The Mississippi and the Colorado rivers in the United States as well as many others are manifestations of the faulting and rifting that experience earthquake action of greater frequency. Over millions of years, volcanoes and rifts have pumped inestimable amounts of lava or magma over the face of the Earth, e.g., Snake River Canyon which is a fault in a one mile thickness of lava. All this lava adds dimension to the surface of the Earth.

The interesting part comes when we look at the question of relative sea levels around the world. Man uses sea level as a datum for his land elevations Current theories state that the land rises by rebound due to the absence of glaciers. I do not agree. I say that the land area expands both on land and under the sea dictating that the sea levels fall all around the Earth. This explains the receding seas and the evidence to that effect all around the world. There is evidence of sea life on all continents on Earth. Whales in Montreal, fossils in the mountains of France and Africa all signifying sea life is eras gone. My theory, therefore, states that the lands did not rebound but rather the land expanded and hence water levels fell. All around the world we see evidence of receding seas.

The most interesting application of this theory is when we look at the development of ancient civilization to the present time. All ancient civilizations started in the high mountains and moved down river valleys to keep up with the receding seas. Examples of this are the Incas in the high Andes, the Tibetans in the Himalayas, the Chinese, the great civilizations of the Tigris and Euphraytes, as well as the Indus valley civilizations. All ancient civilizations develop downwards from high places. Noah's Ark is supposed to have landed on the top of Mt. Ararat in Turkey. That's a very interesting story, for Mt. Ararat is 16,945 feet above sea level today. The Persian Gulf is now hundreds of miles further out than in ancient times