Rochus Boerner

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Rochus Boerner
Residence Tempe, AZ, United States
Nationality USA
Known for Ether, Suppresion, Longtitudinal Waves

Master of Natural Science, ASU 1999; Ph.D. (Mathematics) ASU 2004.

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<img src="" /> Rochus Boerner is a freelance reporter based at Arizona State University (also the home of the NASA THEMIS team.) He is working toward a Ph.D<nobr>... <img src="" /></nobr>
Source: LP: Buzz Aldrin Punches Out Conspiracy Nut! [<nobr></nobr>]
<img src="" /> [Rich Text Format] - Rochus Boerner has pointed out a number of new theoretical developments that indicate that longitudinal waves exist in the vacuum, conducted by some<nobr>... <img src="" /></nobr>
Source: [<nobr></nobr>]
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