Slaughter of the Dissidents

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Slaughter of the Dissidents
Slaughter of the Dissidents 1084.jpg
Author Jerry Bergman
Published 2009

There are several good reviews recorded here already, so I don't need to repeat some of the detail. The book contains very disturbing cases, where genuine scientists have been abused by systematic discrimination - it remains for us to be vigilant and to fight this abuse. I hope the book will successfully invite others to come-out-of-the-closet, as this could then represent a turning-point in the downfall of Darwinian propaganda. In several of the cases, the Darwinian dissent is expressed by those without any religious bias, so it really does seem rather unbelieveable how much of a stranglehold has been placed on science and "Darwin Doubters" by the established academic institutions. I hope that this book gets a wide and high level of readership. Even if there are minor errors of fact (with noted caveats at the beginning of the book), there is sufficient evidence contained in the book to raise the seriousness of this issue. It's not pleasant reading, but it is engagingly written by a scientist who has himself suffered at the hands of those who would seek to rid the world of Darwin Doubters or skeptics of evolutionary just-so stories. The book is well researched and referenced - and tries to balance the evidence where necessary. - Amazon

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