Space and Time should be Preferred to Spacetime - 2

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Scientific Paper
Title Space and Time should be Preferred to Spacetime - 2
Author(s) Franco Selleri
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Published 1999
Journal None
Pages 73-86


A physical quantity p exists for which the theory of special relativity (TSR) predicts p = 1 relative to all inertial frames. Under extremely general conditions we prove that p = (c +v)/(c - v) for all rotating disks having the same peripheral velocity v and arbitrarily small acceleration a. This value of p must hold in any small region near the disk rim. Therefore, the TSR gives rise to a discontinuity. The limit a -> 0 should instead be smooth, because all empirical knowledge about inertial systems is obtained in frames with a <> 0, e.g., because of the Earth's rotation. Elimination of the discontinuity is possible using the set of theories "equivalent" to TSR of Part I. The clock synchronization ambiguity in inertial systems is then solved: only e1 = 0 (corresponding to absolute simultaneity) gives p = (c + v)/(c - v) when a -> 0. Non-invariant values of the one-way velocity of light are thus obtained.