Stepping Down High Frequency Energy

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Scientific Paper
Title Stepping Down High Frequency Energy
Author(s) Moray B King
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Published 1981
Journal None
Pages 145-158


This is an analysis of T. H. Moray's radiant energy invention from a systems theory point of view. In a non-linear system where energy is synchronously shifted down the spectrum, it is possible to integrate low amplitude, high frequency oscillations into large amplitude, low frequency oscillations. True synchronous electrical oscillations cannot be accomplished by moving electrons since their displacement is so large that numerous collisions would occur per oscillation cycle. However, the large mass of the ion limits its displacement allowing many collision-free cycles. Moray used ionic oscillations in his plasma tubes to step down high frequency energy.

Most oscillating systems have energy associated wit their frequency as well as their amplitude. Though energy of frequency does not apply to resisteive electrical circuits, it occurs in nonlinear reactive circuits. The appropriate nonlinear reactive circuit can irreversibly and coherently shift high frequency energy down the spectrum with a gain in amplitude. The ket reactive components in such a circuit are plasma tubes tuned to resonante at the heavy ion frequency. This sytem may tap the zero-point energy as a source.

This article was reprinted in Dr. King's book, Tapping the Zero Point Energy, pp. 33-44 (1989).