Sympathetic Vibratory Physics Compendium of Terms and Phrases

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Sympathetic Vibratory Physics Compendium of Terms and Phrases
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics Compendium of Terms and Phrases 959.gif
Author Dale Pond
Published 1989
Publisher Delta Spectrum Research
Pages 340
A comprehensive compendium of the New Science works, writings and sciences of Tesla, Keely, Cayce, Reich and scores of contemporary and historical sources. Approximately 4,000 entries fully alphabetized and extensively cross-indexed collected from nearly 200 sources (some very hard to come by!) on and about vibration, sound and ether physics. Covers everything from Aether to Zodiac Signs. A "must have" reference source for all New Sciences, free thinking investigators, lay research persons or scientists, and engineers desiring to know what New Science, Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, Free Energy, Subtle Energy and Subtle Force Physics is all about. Contains the entire contents of "The Snell Manuscript" and every other scientific scrap of information on or about Keely and related subjects that we could incorporate. There are hundreds of selected quotes from the Cayce materials too. 8.5" X 11" 338 pages. spiral bound. ISBN 1-883401-31 

?This book began as my own notebook wherein I gathered every scrap of everything I studied that I felt would help me unravel Keely and some others. It eventually became such a powerful study tool I figured others would benefit by it as much as I did. I still use it almost on a daily basis. So I decided to make it available.? Dale Pond


?I received your SVP Compendium a few weeks back. Though I have only had a chance to read a little here and there, I want to say what a GREAT JOB. This is one of the few Free Energy books worth the money. Mapping the out of the way corners that Free Energy Science takes us has just become a little easier.? Thanks, SG.

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