T-Field Energy Research

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T-Field Energy Research
Author Dan A Davidson
Publisher Rivas Publishing

This book contains original research by Dan A. Davidson in the areas of free energy and anti-gravity. The T-Field is another name for the universal free energy field. The T-FIELD is ubiquitous (i.e. it is everywhere) and has unlimited potential energy. The book gives some fascinating views on

  1. the creation of a neutral center
  2. the nature of gravity, magnetism, electricity
  3. how the T-FIELD establishes the morphology of our physical world and
  4. over forty heuristics on the various manifestations of the T-FIELD with mechanisms to tap this energy for use embedded in the text.

The book also contains the experiments done by the author on the Gary Magnetic Effect. This interesting effect was discovered over 100 years ago and lost to science. The Gary effect is the discovery of a neutral magnetic region created as a result of placing a magnetizable piece of material across the poles of a permanent magnet.

Also included is a marvelous dissertation on an experiment that validated John E. Keely's dissociation of water into sub-atomic particles. The experiment accidentally shot a clean hole through the laboratory ceiling and roof of the lab building. The experimenter accidentally used Keely's dissociation frequency.

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