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1. " Apart from its implicit assumption of a constant radius Earth, there is very little data in conventional plate tectonics that is incompatible with the largely historical Expanding Earth theory, and vice versa. "

1a.) Pedantic : I would argue plate tectonics doesn't contain the data, geologic & geodesy data is just data, not contained by a model.

2. " The historical terms Earth Expansion, Expanding Earth, and similarly Growing Earth, refer to changes to the shape and size of the Earth "

2a.) "changes in shape and size" is too general, we can be more specific "increase in size". Also shape of the Earth in Growing Earth theory doesn't change, its effectively a sphere.

3 " Earth Expansion, Expanding Earth, and similarly Growing Earth ..... These terms are synonymous but now largely unpopular. "

3a. Not true. Expanding Earth is still the most recognised term, while Growing Earth is considered by many within the community to be the most accurate term. There's been no effort to collect a consensus on an agreed term.

4. "... benefits of using modern global geological mapping to constrain plate assemblages for the entire history of the Earth are immeasurable. "

4a. 'immeasurable' - i.e. they are infinitely great, sounds like hyperbole.

5 " Expansion Tectonic small Earth reconstructions are uniquely relevant to science and industry by providing models that are accurate enough to know precisely where a particular research project, mineral discovery, climate change indicator, field project, fossil or mineral find was located on the ancient Earth at any moment in time "

5a. 'was located' makes it sound like there were research projects located on Earth millions of years ago. try : " would be located when its current location is mapped back onto an ancient Earth model "

6 " The presence of gigantic plants and animals in ancient history can be explained by a smaller earth. "

6a. The paragraph on life size doesn't mention variation in gravity. It should.

7 " magnetically charged electrons and protons enter the Earth’s magnetosphere and lower terrestrial layers "

7a ' magnetically charged electron ' This term is redundant. It's like saying ' Electrically charged electron '. All electrons are magnetic. Physicists don't say ' magnetically charged ' , they say ' magnetic ' or ' magnetized ', but they would not say ' magnetized electron ' , because the term electron already encompasses its magnetic aspect. Same for Protons. Drop the ' magnetically charged '

7b. Electrons can travel thru solid atomic matter. But protons are severely impeded. Anything larger than hydrogen is too big to travel thru solid matter. Try blowing ionized hydrogen thru a wall, or even just a rubber surface a few tens microns thick. How theorists explain hydrogen passing from the atmosphere thru the crust to the inner Earth en-mass requires details. e.g. ion-beam-deposition could within reason plant hydrogen in the upper crust.

8. G1 particles (a particle that replaces the electron and electricity)

8a. Needs description.

- meems