Tapping the Zero-Point Energy as an Energy Source

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Scientific Paper
Title Tapping the Zero-Point Energy as an Energy Source
Author(s) Moray B King
Keywords Zero-Point Energy, ZPE
Published 1991
Journal None
Volume 4
Pages 364-369


The hypothesis for Tapping the zero-point energy (ZPE) arises by combining the theories of the ZPE with the theories of system self-organization. The vacuum polarization of atomic nuclei might allow their synchronous motion to activate a ZPE coherence. Experimentally  observed plasma ion-acoustic anomalies as well as inventions utilizing cycloid ion motions may offer supporting evidence. The suggested experiment of rapidly circulating a charged plasma in a vortex ring might induce a sufficient zero-point energy interaction to manifest a gravitational anomaly. An invention utilizing abrupt E field rotation to create virtual charge exhibits excessive energy output.

This article was reprinted in Dr. King's book, Quest for Zero Point Energy, pp. 13-28 (2001).