Tension - Gravitational Model of Island Arcs

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Scientific Paper
Title Tension - Gravitational Model of Island Arcs
Author(s) Jan Koziar, Leszek Jamrozik
Keywords tension, gravitational model, island arcs, oceanic spreading, plate tectonics, [[]]
Published 1994
Journal None
Pages 335-337


Active continental margins are the zones where, according to plate tectonics, the oceanic spreading is being compensated. The original model, based on this assumption, was created by Isacs et al., (1968), being subsequently modified in different ways. Finally, it appeared as an artificial construction much less convincing than the model of spreading, and has been criticized by many authors (Tanner 1976, Carey 1977, Pfeufer 1981, Cudinov 1985, Koziar and Jamrozik 1991).