The Aether and its Effects

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Scientific Paper
Title The Aether and its Effects
Author(s) James B Wright
Keywords Observable Universe, Cosmological Redshift, Expanding Universe, Tired Light
Published 2005
Journal None


In the Philosophy of Objectivism, Ayn Rand's point of beginning is the recognition of ?Existence?, per se, as axiomatic, upon which she builds her entire philosophy. In Physics we need a similar axiomatic concept, a point of beginning upon which the whole structure of physics may be built. Again, Existence is that concept, however we cannot leave it at that. Existence needs to be defined. This necessitates an Existence that is literally infinite and eternal, of which our Observable Universe is but a tiny sample. Tiny though it may be, it's all we have; however, it appears that it is adequate to give us a clue as to the nature of Existence. Two basic problems need addressing:

  1. the Cosmological Redshift must be explained without recourse to an Expanding Universe, or Tired Light, etc.
  2. the fact of our existence, vibrantly alive, after an eternity of burning.

These problems are the subject of this paper. The aether is seen herein as a necessary part of existence, not in the sense of an intellectual or emotional need but as an existent, every much so and as fundamental as are the electrons and protons and neutrons that we are familiar with. It is identified as the energy-mass that comes from the stars of the galaxies as they burn, one of the two basic components of our Universe, the other being its material-mass. Evidence of this aether is found in the work of Vera Rubin, specifically in her ?Dark Matter? which envelops the spiral galaxies that she studied. From this the characteristics of the aether are determined, among which are the permittivity and the permeability of the ?vacuum? of space. A solution to the Cosmological Redshift, without the need for an Expanding Universe, is found, as is a mechanism for the development of the gravitational force utilizing only characteristics to be found in our ?Electrical Universe?. The Biefeld-Brown Effect is seen to be plausible and therefore probable. The paper ends with an Addendum that quantifies the components of the Cosmic Cycle required to sustain our Universe as it appears to be after an eternity of existence.