The Alternative Theory of Relativity and Gravitation

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Scientific Paper
Title The Alternative Theory of Relativity and Gravitation
Author(s) Robert D Sadykov
Keywords gravitation, relativity
Published 2009
Journal None


In 1889, Fitzgerald had accepted the effect of longitudinal length contraction as a physical assumption for an explanation of the null result of Michelson-Morley experiment. In 1892 the number of assumptions and also the number of conclusions has been independently increased by Lorentz. At present time on the basis of known features of the propagation of light in gravitational fields two new physical assumptions are accepted: the gravidynamic effect and the effect of local shortening of length. These assumptions completely cover the sphere of relativity and gravitation: from the Fizeau experiment up to the gravitational red shift. On the basis of these assumptions the consistent alternative theory of gravitation is developed, where in contrast to the general theory of relativity the gravitational energy is strictly localized. Time paradoxes and any other paradoxes in the new theory are absent.