The Analogy between Electromagnetism and Hydrodynamics

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Scientific Paper
Title The Analogy between Electromagnetism and Hydrodynamics
Author(s) Arbab I Arbab
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Published 2011
Journal Physics Essays
Volume 24
Number 2
Pages 254-259


Employing quaternionic Newton's law, we have found that the energy conservation equation is the analog of Lorenz gauge in electromagnetism. This Newton's law yields directly the Euler equation and other equations governing the fluid motion. With this formalism, the pressure contributes positively to the dynamics of the system in the same way mass does. Hydrodynamic equations are derived from Maxwell's equations by adopting an electromagnetohydrodynamics analogy. In this analogy the hydroelectric field is related to the local acceleration of the fluid and the Lorenz gauge is related to the incompressible fluid condition. The equations governing the fluid motion are analogous to those governing the motion of a charged particle. An analogous Lorenz gauge in hydrodynamics is proposed. We have shown that the vorticity of the fluid is developed whenever the particle local acceleration of the fluid deviates from the velocity direction. We have also shown that Lorentz force in electromagnetism corresponds to Euler force in fluids. Moreover, we have obtained Gauss, Faraday, and Ampere-like laws in hydrodynamics.