The Atomic Pendulum

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Scientific Paper
Title The Atomic Pendulum
Read in full Link to paper
Author(s) Francis Viren Fernandes
Keywords Pendulum, Frequency, Gravity, Voltage, Current, Inductance, Capacitance
Published 2011
Journal None

Read the full paper here


Capacitance C inverse represents acceleration of an oscillator formed by pair production. Inductance L is the radial length of the photon sphere that undergoes radial pulsation by 137 cubed under eVe ionization energy stress. L is equal to the length of a string of a pendulum. Twice L indicates the mass of a photon that clusters to form the different elements of the periodic table. L is the radial length of 2 photons that are involved in the gamma factor of Einsteins equations described in another paper - The Gamma Factor Resolved. Frequency f x 25812.6087 = acceleration = voltage = 1/capacitance