The Big Bang Exploded ! Cosmology Corrected, A Commentary With Thermodynamics

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The Big Bang Exploded ! Cosmology Corrected, A Commentary With Thermodynamics
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Author Bernard R Bligh
Published 2000
Publisher Bernard Ramsay Bligh
Pages 112
ISBN 0953877604

The Big Bang Exploded is essential reading for all cosmologists and their students because existing textbooks on Cosmology and Astrophysics contain numerous errors in Thermodynamics and this book aims to correct these mistakes. It will also be of considerable value to students and lecturers in all science and technology, conveying "a feel for Thermodynamics".

The Hot Big Bang Theory postulates that the early Universe was at a very high temperature, and that the expansion of the Universe automatically brought about cooling from high to low temperatures. But the belief by cosmologists that expanding gases always cool down is not true; the free expansion of an ideal gas is a constant temperature process.

The nub of this subject is that thermodynamic calculations on the Hot Big Bang Theory, when done correctly, show conclusively that the theory is fallacious (PART 3). But first it is necessary to show both the basis for doing the calculations and the physical data required. Therefore PART 1 provides the groundwork for thermodynamic calculations and PART 2 analyzes the errors in books on Cosmology.

The book includes extensive thermodynamic calculations for hydrogen and a Temperature-Entropy Diagram. - Excerpted from the Introduction

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