The Birth of Elements - PowerPoint

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Scientific Paper
Title The Birth of Elements - PowerPoint
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Author(s) Francis Viren Fernandes
Keywords Mole, Charge, Temperature, Boltzmann, Hydrogen, Cobalt, Wien's Law, Rydberg, Ether
Published 2009
Journal None

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The solution of how matter emanates from Ether will be presented. The question as to why Avogadro's number is so, is key to this presentation. A single photon can give birth to any element. Which means that composite and non composite matter is arrived at. Elements measured as atomic mass units are born out of 186 ether seeds. 186 ether seeds are found scaffolded by a photon torus. One set of ether seeds forms the atomic mass unit and the remainder forms anti-matter. The speed of light squared or velocity squared is a product of two velocities other than c x c or v x v. Velocity squared or c squared appears in the Gravitation constant G, and is responsible for acceleration. There are eighteen descriptors of the Gravitation constant G. 10 of the 18 are constants and 8 are variable. Electronic configuration of atoms is completely misleading and based on assumption that ionization energy eV is energy which knocks out electrons in the atom. Infact pair production creates electrons from photons that are pregnant with 186-seed ether. Undeniable experimental proofs will be presented for the existence of ether. Temperature is force and its source discovered. A few descriptors of the fractal universe will be mentioned as the work is and will be incomplete.

The video presentation will be touching upon - the source of light speed, 27 properties of ether defined by 22 formulae, elementary charge as 186-ether, how winning WW 2 at sea is related to real time monitoring of the heart and how fundamental frequencies of radio waves can detect tumors and ablate cancer and microbial cells.

Today August 10, 8 pm IST, 2009 I have completed the work of the great Dannish physicist Bohr. Bohr's model has helped me finish the meaning of temperature, heat and the reason for emitted light. A 12th grader will understand physics again. In two slides the reality of the discarded and so called limited Bohr model will be presented. A pointer to the relic radiation is obvious.

Unification of light and gravity will be demonstrated unequivocally via Bohr, Wien and Newton.