The Blueprint of Creation

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The Blueprint of Creation
File:The Blueprint of Creation 1414.jpg
Author [[]]
Published 2009
Publisher Jason O'Hara

A visual desciption of the Sacred Geometry of Life. Revealed is the Geometry for the Atomic Blueprint. A journey into the beauty of Numbers and Geometry to see how they reflect the patterns of life. 36 full colour Diagrams. This is a truly amazing book which joins science and spirituality/philosophy (just like they were in ancient times) revealing the interconnectedness between all life through the power of number and geometry. This is a groundbreaking book and in the coming years will be hailed as genius by those who understand its significance. It also reveals the importance of the sacred sonic healing ascension codes of the solfeggio (Zobet) which are a powerful tool to help us tune in with the shift currently occurring on the planet because they help us remember we are part of nature, the cosmos and are ultimately connected to everything! The real meaning of "apocalypse" is "the lifting of the veil" of illusion. We are One! I heartily recommend this book to take you on a magical, mystery tour to prove that we are One and connected in every moment. The major challenge that presents itself now is for our minds to let go by listening more deeply to ourselves and our bodies and sound is a fast track to help us feel again together with diet and other lifestyle changes to help us get back in balance and in harmony with ourselves and nature. if you would like to know more about the exciting use of sound and other tools to awaken and tune yourself in, please check out [...] and tell your friends and family too! We have a short time now in the lead up to 2012 to get back in balance so it is one of the most amazing things you can do to help yourself and others at this time.

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