The Convergence of New Physics Paradigms: Unity in Diversity

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Scientific Paper
Title The Convergence of New Physics Paradigms: Unity in Diversity
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Author(s) Greg Volk
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Published 2011
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 8
No. of pages 8
Pages 668-675

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The sections in this paper were originally written for the website of the newly forming Global Science Foundation (GSF) [1], to introduce non-technical readers to the various categories of research among independent scientists today. Now they can also be found under the 'Topics' heading of the World Science Database (WSD) [2]. Their second purpose is to expose researchers in each individual area to work arising from other areas, encouraging them to recognize common ground with research in completely different disciplines. Indeed the convergence of key ideas across disciplinary boundaries is striking, strengthening the conviction that the paradigms emerging among independents today are both profound and unifying. However, just as for decades individuals have developed theories in isolation, so entire communities of independent scientists have emerged in complete ignorance of the larger community of paradigm challengers. Today the WSD and GSF are committed to breaking down these walls of isolation. Thus, in celebration of the fact that the 'Electric Universe' community will join the Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA-18) at its annual conference in July 2011, this paper collects the various short essays into a single unit. Hopefully, the reader can sense the full weight of paradigms poised to change the face of science drastically and forever. While the various categories could be categorized in a number of ways, topics here include: Cold Fusion, Cosmology, Electric Universe, Electrodynamics, Aether, Expansion Tectonics, Gravity, New Energy, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Structure, Tesla Technologies, and Unified Theory.