The Cult of the Big Bang: Was There a Bang?

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The Cult of the Big Bang: Was There a Bang?
The Cult of the Big Bang: Was There a Bang? 56.jpg
Author William C Mitchell
Published 1994
Publisher Cosmic Sense Books
Pages 240
ISBN 0964318806

The big bang cosmology that is almost universally accepted as all but proven fact by the majority of cosmologists and scientists in related fields, may be in serious trouble. Virtually every book and every media article that bears any relationship to cosmology refers to a big bang that happened 10 to 15 billion years ago. The authors of that material occasionally mention a technical difficulty or two concerning the big bang, but almost invariably explain that those will soon be cleared up by a little more effort. There also have been occasional articles by those of opposing views that point out one or more serious flaws in big bang theory, but those writers are invariably dismissed by the established intelligentsia as misguided big bang bashers. Until now there has been no attempt to gather all of the many big bang problems into a single document and to examine each of those in a consistent, rational manner. This book attempts to do just that. Both the many old, and some newer problems are presented and examined. In addition, serious questions are brought up regarding the validity of the alleged proofs of that theory. That is done in a manner that is readily understandable by those who have a general background in modern science. Initial chapters introduce the topics of relativity, particle physics and quantum theory as related to current big bang cosmology. Standard big bang theory and its flaws are then presented. The newer inflationary version of big bang theory is also discussed. In order not to discredit the prevailing theory without offering alternatives, some of those are mentioned, and one is presented in some detail. This book, is recommended to skeptics who would like to examine some ideas that question the accepted cosmology. Its author, the mother all big bang bashers, is a retired aerospace engineer with a lifetime of scientific background, who has spent several years in research, study and writing a book that might very well precipitate the demise of a thoroughly discredited cosmological paradigm.

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