The Doctrine of Original Spin

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Scientific Paper
Title The Doctrine of Original Spin
Author(s) Bernard L Feldman
Keywords Spin, Rotation, Revolution, Ether
Published 2002
Journal Journal of Theoretics
No. of pages 6


In an ether-less world the doctrine of original spin prevails. The perpetual motions of the astronomical bodies are determined at birth and are preserved intact forever even as the bodies are transformed by gravity. Thus, the Sun rotates counterclockwise, the planets move counterclockwise about the Sun and rotate in a counterclockwise direction. These are the motions that are attributed to the doctrine of original spin. Any ether model needs to explain these planetary motions for the solar system. The author reviews his previously presented ?Discontinuous Ether Model? paper(Journal of Theoretics, Feb/March,2000, Vol. 2 no.1) and offers an explanation of the planetary motions on the basis of an ideal-gas-type ether composed of ethertrons originating in the Sun's core and pervading the total solar environment. Four ethertron interactions with matter are considered:

  1. Boiling in the star's core as a consequence of nuclear reactions.
  2. Elastic impact
  3. Ethertron absorption
  4. Ethertron emission