The Ether and Nature of Divisible Existence

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Scientific Paper
Title The Ether and Nature of Divisible Existence
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Author(s) Leslie V Iverson
Keywords Ether
Published 2010
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 7
No. of pages 8
Pages 226-232

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Not only is the ether the medium through which light travels, its particle is the brick out of which atomic mass is composed. The atom and its sub particles such as the electron, neutron and proton are composed of slowed ether particles condensed into varying degrees of density and form the same as the gases, fluids and objects of our world are made of atoms. We describe what the atom's optical and electronic structure would look like if you could see it and explain why irregular quantum jumps of emission occur when energy is added in incremental steps to a colliding particle or impulse. We explain radiation, polarity, energy and Einstein's relativity theories in simple ether terms and show why the big bang theory is a result of a misreading of the red shift in regards to far away stars. We discuss the nature of divisible existence showing why a black hole could never exist and why gravity is a sub ether rather than ether phenomenon that moves at super light velocity. We show why there can be only push and no pull forces in the universe and w hat this means in regards to physical phenomena. We also show how an ether analysis of the atom's structure and function explain its properties such as the chemical bond. We explain what it is and show why its force is different on different atoms and molecules.