The Experiment to Negate Maxwell Theory

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Scientific Paper
Title The Experiment to Negate Maxwell Theory
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Author(s) Qing Zeng
Keywords mutual generation field, electric field generates magnetic field, magnetic field generates electric field, ether displacement current
Published 2010
Journal None
No. of pages 11

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Maxwell brought forward the viewpoint that ?time variable magnetic field generates electric field?, according to Faraday's law. At the mean time, he also thought that conductive current was successive in the free space (ether space), so the time variable electric field in the capacity (ether displacement current) generated magnetic field the same as conductive current. Therefore, it was derived the mutual generation theory [1, 2] that ?magnetic field generates electric field and electric field generates magnetic field. But since more than one hundred years, nobody performed the direct experiment of mutual generation field theory. This article introduces the experimental method to verify the theory, and directly verify whether the displacement current in the vaccum really generates magnetic field. This article analyzes through ?experiment?, and derives: displacement current of vaccum (ether) does not generate magnetic field, the physical essence of electromagnetic induction is Lorentz force, and not the displacement current, which means that it needs to reconsider whether Maxwell Curl Field Theory is correct.